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RevaL's Books By La Verne Hughes - Realistic Fiction, RevaL's Books - The Trip of a Lifetime, Science Fiction, Christian Fiction

Unknowingly, Bobby is about to hand Cheryl Lee a Coke that Ted had previously fixed for himself.  The day before, Ted and a friend of his had made plans to make their senior dance night a night to remember.

When eighteen-year-old Cheryl Lee receives permission from her God-fearing parents to attend the senior year school party, she is speechless.  Armed with a strict set of rules from her parents, Cheryl Lee attends the dance and follows all of the rules--except one; she harmlessly accepts a soda from a classmate.  What she doesn't know is that the soda is laced with a psychedelic drug.

Join Cheryl Lee on her exciting sci fi journey, through her spiritual growth from an overprotected young lady into a more independent young woman.

Questions/Highlights for the Reader:

1.  What if a Christian innocently uses a psychedelic drug?

2.  Could 'you' become a 'first time' drug user by accident?

3.  Is it fair to be punished so severely for drug use?

4.  A 'science fiction' reality from a psychedelic drug.

The Trip of a Lifetime

RevaL's Books - Realistic Fiction, sci fi journey from a psychedelic drug along with spiritual growth