Now, if I directed you to this page per tweets, etc., then I believe that you can handle what's here.  Anyone else, who was just curious about the rest of my website, it is better for you to navigate to my other sections.

Thank you,

La Verne

Topics That Intrigue Me:

1.  Our Many Minds, Inside One Brain

2.  Fascinated With...

3.  (More to come...since I have an outlet now.)

I just happen to be a deep thinker with a vivid imagination.

I have experienced certain situations, in my life, that would be considered strange.  And, I will not divulge them to the world.  Those are my secrets and not for the 'faint of heart'.  Yet, it's those types of situations that have caused me to think outside the box, to be open minded, and to embrace my imagination.