‚ÄčAs the author, my books reflect my ability to say what I need to with only a few words.       So, RevaL's Books are "quick read" books with thought provoking messages, such as:

The Trip of a Lifetime --

Be careful what you pray for; you may get it and not be ready for it.

If Only... --

How long can "true love" suffer before it says, "I'm done!" - or, will it?

Our Homeless Deserve Better --

Homelessness is not just the homeless individual's, or families', struggle; it is the communities' struggle.

My "Other Writings" are based solely on my personal opinion and a way for you to get a better understanding of me, La Verne Hughes

"Social Initiatives" are ideas that I feel would be very useful for our communities' improvements.

"I Am Not Crazy!!---!" is my attempt to connect with other 'deep thinkers'.

So, I hope you enjoy reading what I've written, and feel free to give me feedback on my Face-  book pages.

La Verne Hughes, the Author and "The Instructor"

RevaL's Books

writes quick read books and articles